Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung


Spring has sprung here at More Love Mama, and Easter is just around the corner. So, we wanted to give you some “At Home” inspiration. Here in the US, spring is represented with bunnies, little chicks, and an array of beautiful flowers. Sticking with the theme, we searched around to find you some simple and fun spring inspired sewing crafts for you and your families to enjoy.


topiarySpring Topiary:


1 medium-sized flower pot
6 inch diameter Styrofoam ball
8 inch diameter Styrofoam ball
Short tree branches for “trunk”
Fabric to wrap balls and pot
Fresh or silk daisies
sewing machine  ——-  needle/thread

Prepare the base components

Before you can decorate your lovely topiary, you need to build it. Start with a medium-sized flower pot that you’ve filled with potting soil and planted with grass seed. Let it sit for a week or two until the bright green grass begins to sprout. If you’re in a hurry, try looking for small pots of live wheat grass for sale in grocery or home improvement stores. You can just pop the plant out of the container and plop it into place in your flower pot.

For the Styrofoam balls that make up the topiary, you’ll need one that is 6 inches in diameter and one that is 8 inches in diameter. Now get some short pieces of tree branches from the yard and use them to create the “trunk”. Use one piece to connect the top ball to the bottom one, and another daisy topiary piece to connect the bottom ball to the flower pot. Make sure the sticks are long enough to poke into the Styrofoam far enough to hold it securely.

This is also a good time to decorate the flower pot. Cut a long strip of your fabric and hem the edges. Wrap the band around the flower pot and secure with a pin (or use hot glue for a permanent bond).[/one-third-first]enough to hold it securely.

This is also a good time to decorate the flower pot. Cut a long strip of your fabric and hem the edges. Wrap the band around the flower pot and secure with a pin (or use hot glue for a permanent bond).

Cut the fabric pieces

Now it’s time to cover the Styrofoam with your pretty fabric. In order to cover a round ball with flat fabric, you’ll need to do some clever sewing. To make it easier for you, we’ve created patterns to use for cutting out the fabric. Use our 8 inch pattern to cut 7 pieces of fabric for the 8 inch ball. Use our 6 inch pattern to cut 6 pieces of fabric for the 6 inch ball.

Sew the buttonholes

If you’re going to stick flowers in this topiary, they’ll need somewhere to go! You’ll accomplish this by dotting the fabric with cute buttonholes. Use your sewing machine to sew several buttonholes on each piece of fabric. To help with placement, look back at our patterns. For the 8″ pattern pieces, mark half of them with the “A” buttonholes (A1, A2, and A3), and half of them with the “B” buttonholes (B1 and B2). Do the same for the 6″ pattern pieces, marking half of them with the “A” and half with the “B” buttonholes.

Sew the covers together

Take the 7 pieces of fabric for the 8″ ball and sew them, right sides together, along both long sides, leaving a 3/8″ seam allowance. Be sure to alternate your “A” and “B” buttonhole pieces as you go. Sew all the seams together except the last one. You should have something resembling an inside-out ball now. Flip the fabric right side out and slip it carefully over the 8″ ball. Use a needle and thread to sew the remaining seam closed with a slip stitch.

Repeat this process for the 6″ ball. When both balls are covered, place them back on the sticks in your topiary. Now you’re ready to decorate them with flowers! You can finish off your topiary with fresh flowers before an event and add the fragrance of spring!

bunny-sachet-4Bunny Sachet:

Fabric or scraps (2 1/4″ x 3″ – 2 pcs. for mini bunny; 4 1/2″ x 6″ – 2pcs. for large bunny)
Sachet filling ingredients (silica bead, activated charcoal, or scented potpourri, etc)
Ribbon, lace, yarn or cording
Fusible web (for large bunny)
Embroidery floss (for large bunny)

Sewing Machine
Sewing Kits
Printer & letter size paper (pattern)
Pencil or fabric marker
Blunt point tweezers


Print the pattern out onto Letter size paper. Don’t scale the printing if you wish to have the full size pattern. Bunny Sachet Pattern

Cut the paper pattern and trace it on the wrong side of your chosen fabric. Mark a minimum 1″ opening on the side seam. Start from one of the opening markings, sew alone the sewing line and end at another opening marking.

Trim the seam allowance to 1/8″ for mini bunny, 3/8″ for large bunny. Clip and notch at the curves on the seam. Insert the blunt tweezers from the opening and grab one of the ear. Pull the ear out through the opening. Repeat the same to the other ear. Use the tweezers to adjust the seam and smooth the curvature.

Turn the face and smooth all the curvatures. Press with warm iron to smooth crumples. For large bunny, trace bunny’s face to the fusible web (paper side), cut out and iron the adhesive side to the wrong side of the face fabric. Peel off the paper from the fusible web. Embroidery the facial features. Cut fabric. With adhesive side down, iron the face onto the large bunny.

Roll a piece of paper into cone, cut at the sharp point to make a funnel mouth. Insert the mouth into the opening. Fill the bunny with your chosen ingredient. For this instant, I filled it with silica beads. You may omit the funnel if you are filling it with scented potpourri, use tweezers to fill it instead.

Close the opening by sewing with slip or ladder stitch. Shake the bunny so that the ingredients fall to the bottom part. Tie the ears together with sewing thread, adjust while you pull the thread to gather. Finally, tie your prefer ribbon or yarn to the thread.  ~~Done~~

There are so many fun spring sewing crafts, but we couldn’t list them all here. If you’re interested in more, check out these ideas:



Here is where we found the two great ideas above:





The best part of spring sewing is you can use bright colors and fun patterns, which is just what we have available in the More Love Mama Shop. So, now that you’re inspired, hop on over to the shop and pick out just the right fabric for your Spring Sewing! You can also visit our Etsy Shop.



If you have a fun craft idea for spring, whether it’s a craft or a clothing pattern – share it with us. Let the More Love Mama community come together and share their love for all things global, all things sewing, all things fun and full of love.

Head on over to the Contact page and share your idea today!

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