Meet Irene–Making Jewelry, Making a Difference

Meet Irene–Making Jewelry, Making a Difference


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Irene is a single mom of 3 boys who has a passion for empowering the women of Kenya. Irene’s small business, Oasis Jewelry and Design, employees 18 women as part of the Oasis Women’s Group, who make jewelry from scraps of paper. She allows them to work from home so they can support and care for their families. She hopes to finish her degree in counseling so she can assist even more single, abused women in Kenya.

More Love Mama is thrilled to introduce our newest line of fair trade products.  We are featuring jewelry made by Irene and her employees.  Here paper bead necklaces and bracelets are unique designs, different than anything else I’ve seen in this market.  Her colors are gorgeous!



But most importantly, her jewelry its making a difference in the lives of women in Kenya. Her flexible “work from home” model is progressive and she is bringing success and hope.  Please support Irene and and all the women she helps support by purchasing their lovely jewelry here at More Love Mama Global Textiles and Gifts.

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