The Mystery of Aboriginal Fabrics

The Mystery of Aboriginal Fabrics


If you’re like us, then global textiles peak your curiosity in various ways. Each fabric, whether from an African nation or a South Pacific island, seems to take us on a journey to another place; another time. Each pattern, so intricately woven, painted or printed shares a piece of history. Within the beauty of color and images, we see the stories handed down throughout the centuries from these native peoples.

The Australian Aboriginal fabric is no less mysterious. These are not your normal everyday fabric designs – these are works of art.  Each fabric has a unique and interesting Aboriginal ancestral story associated with it.  Stories of the spirit world and dreams in the night season draw us in. Like a picture book, these stories are passed on from one generation to another via artwork.

This process has been going on for thousands of years, although the tools used for creating these pieces of art have changed over time. Regardless, the original painting methods and symbolism remains the same.

So, as you take a peek at these vividly designed fabrics, look at the symbolism they use to tell their unique story.


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